Jobs for doctors in India

Jobs for Doctors in India

India has been long known as an exporter of doctors to the world, however with rapidly improving standards of living, the demand for healthcare services in India is also growing, and this demand is set to continue. In addition to the local demand for increased health servoces, India has also successfully forged an excellent reputation as a medical tourism destination. Working as a doctor in India now offers a wide variety of clinical settings and career pathways.
There was a time when Indian doctors immigrated to other countries to work on cutting edge treatments and procedures like advance cardiac surgery or liver transplant. Their motivation was not money but to learn and work on the best in their profession. Now many hospitals in India offer the same procedures and treatments.
Doctors that are most in demand in India are thos Indian nationals that left to go overseas some years ago, and now have the opportunity to bring their foreign experience and qualifications back home. That is not to say that there are no opportunities for doctors of different nationalities, however the pathway to obtain full professional registration and permission to stay long term is not always clear.


India is a spell-binding country where people of unlike communities and religions live together in oneness. India is a very culturally diverse country. People speak hundreds of different languages (18 major languages, with English and Hindi as the official languages). But the beauty lies in the fact that despite all the differences, people live with full harmony and love depicting their varied cultures, traditions and dressing styles. 
It is impossible to write about life in India in general terms. With so many different cultures spread across large and over-populated cities, to sometimes impoverished rural areas, the key word is diversity.

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Jobs for Doctors in India

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